Meet Slavica Bogdanov

5 Times Best Selling author with 40 Books published
20 time Internationally Awarded Best Screenwriter

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Empowering Writing Services
Coaching - Writing - Publishing Services

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Empowering your Legacy
Where your dreams come to life

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Key in Hand Made to Measure Marketing Solutions

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About Us

Slavica wrote 40 books on self help and self development with 4 international best sellers.​

She was recognized by the US government as a “Person with extraordinary ability in the fields of Law of Attraction and self development.”​

Slavica is a serial entrepreneur. Her latest achievement is turning a $200 investment into a $3,200,000 international business in less than three years. She is also working in Real Estate investments being able to create over $500,000 net self worth increase in two years with $0 down.

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Empowering Writing

We bring your ideas to life by helping you tell your story

Coaching your through your writing process.

Writing and Publishing your business book or novel

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Empowering Your Legacy

Transforming your novel to a screenplay 

Creating a novel from your script.

Ghostwriting your screenplay

Producing your branded feature Film

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Empowering Marketing

Key in Hand Made to Measure Marketing

All the services you need at your fingertips under one roof.

Strategic counseling and reputation management.

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Slavica Bodanov has been interviewed all around the world for her best selling books as well as her scripts.

Position yourself as the Authority
By writing a book or having branded content on the market, you automatically set yourself apart from the competition.
We help you stand out by bringing your stories to life

Save time and money by leveraging the power of your story and your image.
We help you define your goals and create content according to your needs.
We keep your vision and your story in mind.

Complete marketing solutions to help you grow your market share and revenue.
From Website building to creating and managing your online presence and reputation.
From Social Media Management to helping you have an Amazon and Even NY Times Best Seller.


Using your Story to Increase your Sales

Throughout the evolution of mankind, the art of storytelling has been used as a tool to get a message across. Even today, it is not only used to entertain readers with fascinating stories, but it is also used to promote business. The nature of the story compels readers to view the information from their perspective. Let’s look at how you […]

Why the Traditional Book Publishing System is Outdated

Physical books have a charm of their own. Nothing beats curling up in your favorite chair, turning the pages of a novel. But times are changing. The e-reader has been thrust upon the world. Many ardent physical book fans shunned it at first. Some still prefer taking in the scent of the freshly printed book. Is the traditional publishing system […]

Script to Novel Tips and Hurdles

Recent times have seen new trends emerging where writing is concerned. Earlier, the book was written first. The screenplay, based on the book came much later. Today, things have changed. It is script first, the book later. This is followed by the rewrite or the purchase of the original script that gave birth to the process. That’s right. Tables have […]

How to Use Your Book as a Marketing Tool

There was a time when books were the only conduit by which authors could reach out to their audience. However, with the invention of the web; that USP was lost. As you are aware, the past few decades have seen an evolution of communication modes that are author-friendly. There are webpages, ebook, e-learning, micro-video, animation, infographics, podcasts, pin and tweet. […]

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