Slavica wrote 40 books on self help and self development with 4 international best sellers.​

She was recognized by the US government as a “Person with extraordinary ability in the fields of Law of Attraction and self development.”​

Slavica is a serial entrepreneur. Her latest achievement is turning a $200 investment into a $3,200,000 international business in less than three years. She is also working in Real Estate investments being able to create over $500,000 net self worth increase in two years with $0 down.

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Author of close to 40 books on personal and business development, Slavica has already helped thousands improve their lives.

Some say, she saved them. Others still experience growth and positive changes years later using the tools she taught the​

Born in Belgrade, raised in Paris, Slavica Bogdanov comes from a humble European family of entrepreneurs who believed hard working was the way to success. During childhood, she was recognized for her very high IQ which led her to jump 4 grades early on. She moved to Canada where she completed a Master’s Degree in History of Communications at the University of Montreal. She had succeeded in what most have called ‘impossible” tasks and goals. From being interviewed on many TV, radio and newspaper nationally and internationally, to being invited to speak to the leaders of Party opposition in a private session in the Canadian Parliament to hear her opinion on International politics. Recognized by the US government as a person with extra-ordinary abilities, her genius is still baffling those who come to meet her.

Raised in a working family of entrepreneurs, Slavica boasts close to 40 years of business experience. She started at a very young age, manning her parents’ stores and developing their marketing strategies. For 15 years, she worked as a business development and sales manager, doubling and tripling revenues of any business that hired her within the first six months. In 2007, Slavica started investing in high ROI real estate properties which led her to become financially free and launch other businesses. She also has 3 international amazon best sellers and record high 6 books were published in 2016.

We believe that everyone deserves to live life to its fullest. Our goal is empower billions worldwide. We do this by aspiring to create the best stories and facilities in the hopes you get exited about your life and its possibilities and inspired to rise to even greater highs.
We believe well told stories have the ability to transform us from the inside out.
We believe that where we live is how we think. Our hotels motto is for you to experience a 4 star on a 3 star budget.
We also give back at least 10% of our proceeds to those who feel less fortunate.​

Her mission is delivering the highest quality entertainment products to inspire, motivate and empower millions worldwide while ensuring the highest ROI to investors. Follow on Instagram #empoweringentertainment
Born in Belgrade, raised in Paris, graduating with a Master in Arts  in Canada, Slavica boasts close to 25 years of business development experience.
20 time award winning screenwriter, she is currently developing 5 feature films for which she wants equity partners.

Because of her large number of connections, she also recently became a financial connector: bringing together lender, investors with companies in need of amounts of $50M and more (real estate, construction, energy, business expansion…)


1- Traditional Publishers want you to be successful before considering publishing your work and you end up in an endless catch 22 goose chase where the author never gets the upper hand.
At Empowering Publishing, we intend to build the author’s notoriety. We judge the work brought to us, not the number of fans.
2- Traditional Publishers pay very small royalties (usually around 4% to 6%) for first time authors and up to 25% to celebrities.
At Empowering Publishing, we offer 75% royalties, up to 90%. You get paid for your work and keep most of the profits.
3- Traditional Publishers force exclusive contracts which limits the author’s ability to use other ways to sell and promote their work.
At Empowering Publishing, you are free to publish with other companies as well.
4- Traditional Publishers usually employ traditional methods of marketing and advertising and, if they feel it too risky to invest, they will not even place the book on a shelf and will not push an author’s name, leaving some authors trapped in an exclusive contract with no sales.
At Empowering Publishing, we market each book individually and collectively.
5- Traditional Publishers use traditional ways to promote such as book signing events and print media.
At Empowering Publishing, we utilize traditional as well as nontraditional ways of marketing such as social media and web funnel pages. We know some authors would not be available to travel in order to promote their work and so we don’t want to penalize business people from doing what they do best just so they attend a book signing event.
Slavica Bogdanov’s extensive experience in print advertising, sales, PR and publishing has led her to develop a unique concept that allows you to create a potential extra stream of passive income while adding value to your reputation and your sales.
When you thrive, we thrive.

We give back 10% of our profits to charitable organizations linked to education and solving illiteracy.