Using your Story to Increase your Sales

Throughout the evolution of mankind, the art of storytelling has been used as a tool to get a message across. Even today, it is not only used to entertain readers with fascinating stories, but it is also used to promote business. The nature of the story compels readers to view the information from their perspective. Let’s look at how you […]

Why the Traditional Book Publishing System is Outdated

Physical books have a charm of their own. Nothing beats curling up in your favorite chair, turning the pages of a novel. But times are changing. The e-reader has been thrust upon the world. Many ardent physical book fans shunned it at first. Some still prefer taking in the scent of the freshly printed book. Is the traditional publishing system […]

Script to Novel Tips and Hurdles

Recent times have seen new trends emerging where writing is concerned. Earlier, the book was written first. The screenplay, based on the book came much later. Today, things have changed. It is script first, the book later. This is followed by the rewrite or the purchase of the original script that gave birth to the process. That’s right. Tables have […]

How to Use Your Book as a Marketing Tool

There was a time when books were the only conduit by which authors could reach out to their audience. However, with the invention of the web; that USP was lost. As you are aware, the past few decades have seen an evolution of communication modes that are author-friendly. There are webpages, ebook, e-learning, micro-video, animation, infographics, podcasts, pin and tweet. […]

5 ways to have an amazing Bestseller

While it’s true that many people dream of writing a book one day, few actually succeed. And more importantly, those people who do write one, find that they have just sold a dozen or so copies. So, how do you write an amazing bestseller, you may well ask. The word bestseller has fascinated publishers and writers for over a century […]

5 Tips to Write a Business Book

Want to write a business book? Bet you don’t know where to start! It will make you feel better to know that you are not the only one! You don’t need to let the blank page intimidate you. This post will help you get started. For those of you who are writing a blog or a podcast; or speaking at […]

The Business Advantages of Becoming an Author and Why Having Your Book Published Can Increase Your Sales

It’s a great feeling to have a business you are proud of. However, to make your business profitable, you need to attract as much attention as you can. To do this you will probably explore all the avenues. But there may come a time when you ask yourself; what more can I do? The answer is quite simple. Write a […]

How to Find a Book Title that Sells Copies

While writing a book is no easy task, you will find that searching for a good title is much more of a struggle. You are not alone in this; trust me. There are many authors who lose a lot of sleep mulling over different titles. A title can make or break the sales of your book. And you can be […]