The Book to Script  is an review and interview-based screenwriting service.

It’s designed for novelists who want to develop a film based on the novel they have either written or acquired but don’t have the time, skill or desire to type it themselves.

What is included

Book to script includes everything you need to validate and develop your script based on your novel, then write and edit it, design and get it out to the world.

Completed script

  • Your idea will be validated (or not) before we begin work
  • We will decide on the preferred and most suitable format (feature film, TV, web series…)
  • We will help structure and position it into the best possible screenplay
  • Comprehensive interviews to make sure your vice is heard and your preferred theme is incorporated throughout the story.


We will enter your script in up to 12 international festivals including at least 3 professional reviews.


We will send your script to potential agencies and interested producers to increase your visibility and increase chances of your project being developed. Empowering Entertainment LLC will have first choice in potentially developing and producing your project.