Film Development

As you know, may large brands like Ford or Fedex create branded large audience films to increase their fan base as well as branding.

We want to offer you the same level of quality and opportunity for your brand by creating a powerful story around your company that will allow you to gain prestige, followers, fans, brand recognition and establish your legacy.

We will develop the feature film to follow a powerful story that will indirectly include your brand throughout the story.

Film Production

We will hire the highest level cast and crew possible for your budget to create a full feature film that we intend to distribute via different channels possible (theatre release and VOD)

Ownership and rights

Depending on our partnership agreement, you will own up to 90% of the film life long rights.

Relevance, Strategy & Film Analysis

Before we begin working together, we have to make sure you have a viable film project.

We’ll dive deep into your film idea, your intended audience, and the impact your film will have on your audience and the benefit it might have for your business and your legacy. We will also discuss all variable of time, location, cast and crew available in order to make sure we are able to produce the type of film you expect.s

Note that this is not a sales call. Not every book is right for this program.

If we’re not a good fit to work together in this program, we will happily refer you to a service or company that can meet your needs.