Slavica Bogdanov’s believes whole heatedly that success cannot exist if we don’t give back to those in need.

Every enterprise of hers is connected to various charitable organisations aiming at giving back at least 10% of the proceeds.

Empowering Publishing will give back a minimum of 10% of its proceeds to the following organizations:

1. ProLiteracy

The mission statement of ProLiteracy is a perfect articulation of why literacy should be on the forefront of global advocacy: “…when individuals the world over learn to read, write, do basic math and use computers, the more likely they are to lift themselves out of poverty.”  The organization makes literacy for women in developing nations as a top action addressed by their donations and programs.

2. UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning

UNESCO hosts a “LitBase” website, which chronicles programs worldwide that have been successful in combating illiteracy.  In doing so, UNESCO hopes to have a go-to source for advocates interested in starting or joining the cause.

3. World Literacy Foundation

The World Literacy Foundation was founded in 2003 to promote awareness of illiteracy by bringing together various government organizations and NGOs.  Some of the programs championed by the Foundation include the Write On English writing competition in Azerbaijan, founding the Centre of Hope computer center in Uganda and the USAID-supported Fantastic Phonics computer program.

4. Global Literacy Project

A key program of the Global Literacy Project is the shipment of books and basic educational supplies throughout Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.  The Walk-for-Literacy fundraiser housed at Rutgers University is run through the Global Literacy Project as well.


Founded at the University of Pennsylvania through a partnership with UNESCO, (formerly the Literacy Research Center) has been training teachers and advocates of literacy since 1983. also hosted a summer intensive workshop in Philadelphia for mid-career professionals interested in promoting literacy in developing countries.